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I’m from Italy, I graduated last February at “Politecnico di Milano” in Architecture and I came to London for my master at Architectural Design at UCL. Because of the current situation, I had to interrupt my studies till next year and I would like to spend this year building practical experience in order to be stronger next year. Since I applied for UCL I have already met language conditions, I’m better at writing than at speaking, but these months in London helped me a lot and I’m able to easily communicate now. In terms of software, I usually use AutoCad, Rhino, Photoshop, InDesign, and I’ve started my training in 3DS Max + V-Ray. Moreover, I handled projects in Unity and C++ in the very initial stage. One of my main goals is to improve my knowledge in terms of architecture. It could appear trivial, but I find practical experience in the work world the biggest school in my life. My bachelor degree taught me how to approach projects starting from theoretically aspects/concepts/history and now I feel ready to transform them into practice. Moreover, I really would like to improve my software knowledge through real projects so as to deal with customers and clients too. Summarizing I would like to see all the theory I studied transformed in something which will be realized in reality. Not to achieve a good mark, but to satisfy not only bosses and clients but for myself too.

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- Graduated in Architectural Science at "Politecnico di Milano" - In London to attend UCL's master - Interested in developing and improving my knowledge, increasing my experience!


09/2016 - 02/2020


Architectural Science

Bachelor Degree (Undergraduate)

Politecnico di Milano

During my bachelor degree, I had the opportunity to face up both to the theoretical and practical aspect of architecture. I learnt how to read a project, but also how to develop my own project, from the concept to the final idea and production.

Professional Experience


02/2019 - 07/2020


Architecture / Interior Design


During this experience, I collaborated with the team in developing an international competition. The task was a new cycle-pedestrian connection in Milan, due to the new underground line. I followed the entire process starting from the planning to the production. Personally, I participated in designing plans, sections, details, building the 3D model and bigger work in graphics.

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