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Content Creator or Creative Marketing Associate

Brentwood, United States of America (USA) Message Lilly

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Since I was little, I have dreamed of travelling the world to document its people, places and cultures. Thankfully, I’ve had several opportunities to further this dream, from two separate occasions living in London, to travel in Slovenia, France and Italy. I know each new experience creates the potential for fresh knowledge. Growing up the daughter of a businessman with an art career on the side and a housewife-turned-crafting-guru, creativity was a central part of my upbringing. I’ve grown up using acrylic and watercolour paints, mixed media and even a plain old pencil to create something out of nothing. Since fourth grade, I’ve had a camera in my hand, documenting whatever I considered noteworthy or beautiful. Photojournalism is vital in that it helps people understand the world around them, but I don’t just approach photography from a journalistic perspective – my grounding in art helps me identify beautiful images and tell a more robust story about those I encounter. From writing daily content for Travel Weekly’s online publication to supervising staff to create a powerful city magazine in Birmingham, to shooting photographs of Nashville’s NFL franchise, I have had opportunities to develop my skill sets in a variety of professional settings. I pride myself on my ability to make friends out of strangers which helps me develop connections and sources. Telling someone’s story is an honour, and winning that person’s trust is crucial to telling her story well. My passion for storytelling has only grown as I’ve experienced more cultures and met more people. American jurist Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” I would be honoured to have my mind stretched by becoming your employee.

Career Status Junior or Entry level
Desired Role Content Creator or Creative Marketing Associate
Search status Actively searching
Sector of Interest Administration & PA, Architecture / Interior Design, Design / Web Design / Graphic Design, Fashion & Luxury, Marketing / Advertising / Social Media, Media / New Media, Photography / Videography, Public Relations (PR) & Communications, Telecommunications, Travel & Leisure
Job period Part-time
Remote job? Yes
Why Should We Hire You?

I am passionate about photography and visual aesthetics. Communicating effectively with visuals to clients can make or break a brand. I'm driven to utilize my skills in content creation and social media marketing to help brands be successful in this. I'm a hardworking team member, eager to learn and passionate about marketing. With a talented visual eye matched with an equally easygoing and ambitious personality, I would make an excellent hire.


08/2017 - Present

 United States of America (USA)

Journalism and Mass Communication / focus in digital and print media

Bachelor Degree (Undergraduate)

Samford University

I will graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Journalism and Mass Communication in May 2021. I have a concentration in digital and print media. In my time at university, I studied extensive art and business classes to bolster my digital design and marketing skills. I've interned at multiple creative companies, ranging from Travel Weekly in London, to a wedding photographer, to an artist. I was diligent about working hard and setting myself up for success in the future. With two study abroad trips to England and travel in Italy, France and Slovenia, my love for travel was strengthened during my studies. I feel confident that the career I'm pursuing is what I was born to do.

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