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Eufemia Jusino

I am a UI/UX designer and developer

Belfast, United Kingdom

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Eufemia Jusino

I am a UI/UX designer and developer

Belfast, United Kingdom

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The hard way to find a job

Prepare CV & Cover Letter

- Bring all your enthusiasm to build a nicely written CV & tailored Cover Letter

Apply for "Hundreds" of jobs

- Spend time to search and apply for
"hundreds" of jobs within "hundreds" of job board out there

The Result

x The majority of Employers will reply you with a automated rejection template

x Take their silence as a rejection

x Destroy your self-confidence

The Easy way to find a job

Step 01

Register & build your Digital CV

Start by loading your profile and job requirements

You will find an extremely simple and quick sign up process
Build your Profile and share what you are looking for in your next role
Add your Education and work experience (if applicable)
List your technical and systems skills alongside your language and soft skills
Add your hobbies
Immediately download your brand-new CV
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Step 02

Improve your CV

Let Graduatewise help you review and promote your profile

Our Career Coaching team will fully analyse your CV and provide improvement recommendations
Upload your video CV, portfolio and certificates (graduation, courses and Employer referrals)
Unique CV to update lifetime (available 24/7 and fully backup)
Together, we will refine and adjust your CV to look, read and sound a top profile
Get ready to “go public”!
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Step 03

Be marketable!

Become visible and Employers can find your profile and offer a role

Let us craft a marketing campaign on your behalf (email, social media, widget)
Profile will be introduced to a network of Employers
Use Graduatewise link and share your digital presence to the world
Become visible and get offers from Employers directly
Utilise our internal messaging tool to communicate with Employers
Check how Employers are progressing your process
Interview with companies that interest you and get hired!
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