"Graduatewise is "The Marketplace" where Graduates (from junior, mid to senior levels) can build an online CV, advertise their profile and be contacted by a network of employers actively recruiting.

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Nuno Dhiren


Background and History

The start

In 2010, Nuno Dhiren brought
Internwise.co.uk to life.

Internwise is an online job board platform for the niche of Internship recruitment.

The growth

Over the past 10 years, the platform grew from zero to over 300,000 registered candidates and from zero to over 15,000 registered Employers.

Graduatewise Platform

Graduatewise comes as the natural next step to help (serious) job seekers find employment and Employers find the calibre talent for join their businesses.

Why Graduatewise?

GraduateWise has the vision to help reduce unemployment rates by directly connecting Businesses and Candidates.

Our mission is to help Candidates build a structured profile, make it public by featuring their experience, education and skill-set in order to convince Employers to connect and hire them.


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