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Our innovative technology transforms the way businesses recruit:
- Save time by spotting the right Candidate
- Save on recruitment fees to reinvest in your business growth and/or employee training and development

You will find passionate Candidates eager to join your team and work on a specific field or sector of interest.

Eufemia Jusino

I am a UI/UX designer and developer

Belfast, United Kingdom

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Eufemia Jusino

I am a UI/UX designer and developer

Belfast, United Kingdom

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The hard way to find a Candidate

Publish your vacancy

- Craft your job spec and announce the world your Candidate requirements.

Flood your inbox

- Mass applications received

- No tailored cover letter for your requirements

- Time spent to review and filter Candidates

The Result

x Quantity over quality applications

x CVs don't showcase the candidates real Profiles

x Potential great candidates rejected

The Easy way to find a Candidate

Step 01

Search for Candidates

Find passionate Graduates and match their talent to the job role

Browse through Candidates according to your search criteria
Learn more about each Candidate profile and their job interest
Watch their video CV
Find out their education, work experience and portfolio
Check their technical and systems skills alongside their language, hobbies and soft skills
Download their full CV and review certificates
Have a look on their social media and other online publications
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Step 02

Found your candidate?

Use Graduatewise direct messaging system and define each stage of the application

Chat with each candidate easily (no middle-man)
Utilise our internal application tracking system
Set your interview date and time with the candidate (coming soon)
Online interview using Graduatewise platform (coming soon)
Secure your Candidate and offer them a role
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Step 03

Why Graduatewise?

We will help you build your team and grant you access to active Talent

Graduatewise is the easiest way to search for Candidates readily available to hire
We are focused on candidate-led recruitment
Build your Employer Brand
Find candidates when they want to be found! No more brand-damaging direct sourcing
Verified candidates: Each profile is reviewed by Graduatewise Career Coaches before going public
Save time and hire quicker
Global connections: Opportunity to meet people all over the world
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