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An entrepreneurial individual with experience in architectural assistance and property development, with a part II qualification in Architecture. A unique understanding of client needs and high-end materials and technologies. Experience in managing a team at St Thomas’ Hospital during the stressful coronavirus pandemic, ensuring high levels of accuracy and efficiency were achieved. Working within the RIBA work-stages and frameworks to achieve excellent levels of work. Delivering sustainable developments while researching new technologies. Flexible and adaptable keeping up to date with new software and opportunities. An understanding and respect for luxury and listed properties, refined while a partner at In-Residence London. Focused on sustainable architecture; sensitive to the natural environment and ability to use sustainable materials. I have ensured all clients visions at Sharesense Ltd were in regulation with new architectural standards of sustainability.

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My skills are in the use of space and internal layout design. I have composed multiple drawings of various developments along with bespoke residential detail integrating the topographic situation with the urban context. I have excellent communication and presentation ability as well as developed skills to project manage the knowledge of RIBA work stages. I am well accustomed to the dynamics of engineering and Architecture. Structure and decoration go hand-in-hand. I am lucky to live in London; a city of inspirational architecture; unexpected structures provoking a sense of ambiguity combined with an enigmatic sense of archaic disciplines, such as our beloved St. Paul’s Cathedral. The ever-increasing challenge is to create buildings that are viable using materials sourced locally; building in a way that reflects aspects of cultural values of those local communities. In summary why I am a suitable candidate: - I have experience working on residential projects and dealing with various councils during my time with Sharesence. - I am capable of liaising confidently with clients after spending time working closely with bespoke tailoring clients. - I am excellent at managing workloads and working under pressure, due to my experience over the Coronavirus pandemic at Viapath managing and training a department of 8. - My skills with Adobe Creative Suite, Revit, AutoCAD & V-Ray makes me well suited for this position.


09/2018 - 09/2020

 United Kingdom (UK)


Master's Degree


In my first year, I became fascinated with Maggie Centres and their development. Using precedents from various Architects / Artists including but not limited to; Renzo Piano, Anish Kapoor, Terunobu Fujimori. I developed a Maggie Centre in my Project Håber (Hope) in Danish is a mixed-use building in the centre of Copenhagen. The Maggie centre “floated” above the harbour. This project gave me a great understanding of materials and their use in the environment. It also further developed my skills in Revit and BIM. Sustainability became a large part of this project as most of the structure was built with Passivhaus in mind. The materials used were CLT, water source heat pumps, photovoltaic glass and more. This project accounted for 50% of the year's grade which I was awarded a Distinction/ A. Other modules that I studied in the first year were case studies relating to Fitzroy Park House by Stanton Williams and another on The National Policy Planning Framework. During the year I also wrote a Dissertation asking the questions “How can a transportable/collapsible, self-sufficient, low-cost modular terminal for resource deployment be developed in a sustainable way for the Airlander?” It talks about the Airlander’s ability as a tool and a potential modular terminal that uses new materials and is sustainable. This is because it addresses the new potentials of the Airlander hybrid aircraft, in terms of operating from remote areas. It also rethinks the provision of air terminals in other settings. Following on from my dissertation in my second year I used the research to make it my aim to unravel and understand the future of air travel; exploring the potentials of the Airlander and its future role in the world.

09/2013 - 09/2016

 United Kingdom (UK)


Bachelor Degree (Undergraduate)


During my undergrad the main project was my “Bespoke Architecture” This was about showcasing my love for the newest and best materials and the craftsmanship that the UK has to offer. This was based on my love of bespoke suits and tailoring. My dissertation was on the Extreme Environments exploring architecture in space and in the arctic.

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