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I am a recent graduate with a First Class degree in Modern Languages (French & German) from the University of Oxford. I was born in Barcelona and currently speak six different languages to a fluent level. Thanks to my upbringing and to my degree, I am very passionate about not only foreign cultures and languages, but also how those impact the ways in which we communicate with each other. Having lived and studied in various different countries has helped me become a very adaptable person, open to new experiences and ways of thinking and working. I love writing and storytelling, and I am currently also very interested in the world of media and entertainment for the potential that it has in connecting people with each other be it through music or through stories. I learn very quickly - I learned Korean by myself during my university years, for example - and am very eager to improve and become a valuable part of a bigger project.

Career Status Junior or Entry level
Desired Role Journalist/Media Assistant
Search status Actively searching
Sector of Interest Arts / Dance / Theater / Entertainment, Events, Language / Translation, Marketing / Advertising / Social Media, Media / New Media, Public Relations (PR) & Communications, Travel & Leisure
Job period Part-time
Remote job? Yes
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Beyond the skills that I gained through years of language learning and through my academic experiences at university, I would say that one of the strengths that I value the most is my determination. I come from a small town near Barcelona and attended the local school there, which had no record of any student even having gone to study abroad after graduation. Nevertheless, once I realised that this was what I really wanted to do, I gained the determination to start the application process all by myself, with the sole help of my friends and family. Rather than the result of getting into Oxford University, I think it is this determination to achieve the goals that I am most proud of. Other than that, I am someone who learns very quickly and works well independently - I learned Korean all by myself during my university years, for example. My experiences living and studying in various different countries have made me a very adaptable person, open to new experiences and new ways of thinking and working. Through my current internship, not only am I gaining experience in many different tasks, which could be applicable to a wide range of jobs but working from home has also helped me establish an organised and effective routine.


10/2016 - 12/2020

 United Kingdom (UK)

Modern Languages (French and German)

Bachelor Degree (Undergraduate)

University of Oxford

I studied Modern Languages (French & German) at the University of Oxford, which includes both the study of the languages, as well as that of their literature. In addition, I learned how to efficiently communicate in foreign languages while taking into account their different cultures, and how those impact the ways in which people may think or work.

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