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Marketing Coordinator/Assistant

Barcelona, Spain Message Naivedya

About Naivedya and job interest

Sports Management, marketing, IoT, understanding data and analysis on a day to basis. I read books which are based on how the world it is today. I am passionate Manchester United fan, traveler and have a travel page. I am curious, driven and consume articles on various topics. I try connecting the dots of different industries to see how we are interlinked is sone way or another. I can speak 6 languages, 3 of them being European & the rest are spoken in India. I like things that challenge and believe failure is part of the great success.

Career Status Junior or Entry level
Desired Role Marketing Coordinator/Assistant
Search status Actively searching
Sector of Interest Marketing / Advertising / Social Media, Media / New Media, Sports
Job period Part-time
Remote job? Yes
Why Should We Hire You?

My first skill was adaptation. I landed in Spain in 2018 & had no previous knowledge of Spanish. I picked up the language in 2019 and am fluent now. During my MBA course, I was the only student who got an opportunity to work in Spain. Initially I focused on understanding the sports market by being a tournament assistant for the ATP 100 series and then eventually landed in the marketing department of Footters which is an audiovisual company where I leant about online marketing, churn rates, email marketing, translation and strategy development. Currently I am working on improving my marketing knowledge and have been enrolled in ESEI International Business School working my way to comprehend and implement marketing ideologies. Being a sport fanatic, discipline, attitude, problem solving and the hunger to not give up has been ingrained since I was 3 years old. I would not change this for anything. I am decisive, passionate, determined and add value to any organization with my out box thinking, acceptance & will to try out things.


02/2020 - Present


Marketing & Communications

Master's Degree

ESEI International Business School

Versatile and well-respected qualification accredited by the Universidad Católica de Murcia (UCAM) that prepares you for a career in a number of professions, including public relations, digital marketing, event management and other related fields. The Marketing & Communications course provides a project-based learning model under 10 specific topics related to Marketing. It enhances teamwork within students coming from all over the globe and is a hub for ideas to flow.

01/2018 - 01/2019


Sports Management

Master's Degree

Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM)

UCAM Spanish Sports University, develops a Postgraduate Studies Program which aims to train its students in the field of Sports Management and give them a global vision of this sector in constant change and growth. It has the endorsement of the Spanish Olympic Committee for the development of the MBA in Sports Management, as well as public and private entities of relevance in the entire national territory. Due to the great progress made in the sports sector in the last decade, the need to train professionals in all areas of the same is created. Sports management is one of the areas of knowledge to take into greater consideration, since it deals with managing effectively and efficiently each of the organizational and coordinating aspects of sport.

07/2016 - 07/2017


Football Management

Degree (Graduate Diploma)

Skillanation - WIFA

This innovative and cutting edge curriculum from WIFA and Skillanation gives you the complete range of knowledge and skill-sets to help you learn and achieve a governing body Diploma certification and turn you in to a AIFF recognised and certified Football Professional.

Professional Experience


10/2018 - 02/2020

Digital Marketing & CRM Assistant



The official television of 2ªB and 3ª under the Royal Spanish Football Federation in Spain.

Quantified Achievements
  • Email marketing
  • Email marketing - open rate from 3% to 9%
  • Social media - Facebook & Instagram campaigns
  • Increased dramatically since inception
  • Web page analysis
  • Subscriber base increased from 10,000 to 30,000 by the end my term
  • Translation documents
  • Named in the top 10 for marketing & content in the world at the South Summ

Language pro-efficiency

Language Speaking Writing/Reading Certificate
English (Default)
  • Native
  • Native


  • Proficient
  • Intermediate


  • Independent
  • Intermediate


  • Proficient
  • Basic



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