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Having worked in fast-paced environments I have the ability to solve problems fast, as an individual or as a team player. My current occupation in customer service and being a shop floor assistant involves me aiding customers to make the correct decision regarding the products they require for their various projects. This requires a higher knowledge regarding the products and patients, being able to listen to the customer in efforts to help them meet their needs, furthermore, over the years I have developed very good team working skills, I am able to assist my fellow work colleagues in different situations to best suit everyone as a whole especially a customer.

Career Status Junior or Entry level
Desired Role Fashion Designer
Search status Actively searching
Sector of Interest Design / Web Design / Graphic Design, Fashion & Luxury
Job period Part-time
Remote job? Yes
Why Should We Hire You?

If I had to name my top three strengths it would be one I’m very organised. I notice even the tiniest details and I want total perfection in every part of my work, I am very confident in working as a team, I have no qualms about working with other people as I find it helps to be with other minds and brainstorm but I also have the ability to work independently and finish the task by myself. The third would be my ability to multitask, after working as a supervisor for a bridal planning team I learnt quickly there were a million things to do to plan the day and I had to learn how to be quick at multitasking even the little things so from making sure all the vendors were at the venue the right Time to taking care of the guest and directing them in the right place.


01/2017 - Present

 United Kingdom (UK)

Contour Fashion

Degree (Graduate Diploma)

De montfort University

Contour fashion student specialising in swimwear, sportswear and lingerie

Skills & Hobbies

Technical Skills

System Skills



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