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Marcos C.

Front End Developer

London, United Kingdom (UK) Message Marcos C.

About Marcos C. and job interest

I'm a Front-End Developer with over 2 years of experience on building for the web, with a great passion for coding and solving problems. I'm currently seeking an entry-level position in an innovative company that works on the learning mode like myself and encourages its collaborator's growth and happiness. My strongest skills are JavaScript, HTML, CSS (over 2 years of experience), and React and Redux (over 6 months). All I've learned was from very knowledgeable senior developers courses that I found at Udemy, Udacity, and OpenClassroom, and to strengthen those skills I've put it in practice creating a nice portfolio of projects with best practices (check out my GitHub). I'm looking for a Junior Front-End Developer position with a focus on JavaScript and React JS. I'm also open to learning new technologies and practices to adjust myself to the company culture and work stack. A must for me is a position that allows me to grow, giving me the possibility to work on interesting and relevant projects, that can lead me to a senior role in the future.

Career Status Junior or Entry level
Desired Role Front End Developer
Search status Actively searching
Sector of Interest Information Technology (IT) / Web Development
Job period Full-time
Remote job? Yes
Why Should We Hire You?

Because I have proven capability to do my work, and I'm highly motivated to learn and grow as a professional. I'm also very focusing on my goals and I keep improving myself even when I see that my dream job can be far away, I never give up.


05/2013 - 01/2018



Bachelor Degree (Undergraduate)

Universidade Federal de Viçosa

Economics Bachelor Degree 5-years program. Able to identify emerging economic trends and issues. Effectively understanding economic relationships. Extensive knowledge of economic theory. Research analysis Attention to detail Strong mathematical skills

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