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Environmental consultant

Madrid, Spain

About Amelia and job interest

I am a recent Zoology graduate with interest in environmental consultancy, conservation and marine biology. I am a confident, ambitious and hardworking person. I am used to working in a team of people but also good at taking responsibility. I work well under pressure and cope well with stressful situations. Passionate about science, biology, the natural world and climate change. I am a very open person and enjoy connecting with people. Very willing to learn and build new skills.

Career Status Junior or Entry level
Desired Role Environmental consultant
Search status Actively searching
Sector of Interest Agriculture & Environment, Consulting
Job period Part-time/Full-time
Remote job? Yes
Why Should We Hire You?

I am highly passionate about conservation and the environment. I am interested in helping businesses and industries take a more environmentally friendly approach. I am open to new opportunities and working in a team of people. Being bilingual allows me to communicate with clients abroad. My course at university has enabled me to build useful skills I can apply as a future environmental consultant. Conservation has taught me ways to protect wildlife and the environment. Furthermore, Bioethics has taught me about ethics within the scientific world and to effectively assess situations by building an ethical matrix. Project management has been an extremely important skill during my degree. I have had experience managing my own projects as well as managing projects as part of a team. Also, I am an experienced scientific report writer and can research effectively. I am able to assess data and information presented to me and have a great deal of experience using RStudio. I am willing to learn and develop new skills. I feel I would be a great addition to your company with extensive scientific knowledge.

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09/2017 - 06/2020

 United Kingdom (UK)

BSc Zoology

Bachelor Degree (Undergraduate)

University of Nottingham

My degree has provided me with a range of skills including lab skills, statistical data analysis mainly using R, analytical skills and the ability to report write proficiently. I have taken a variety of modules that have really enabled me to develop as a well-rounded biological scientist. Some of the modules I took were: Genetics, Conservation Genetics, Evolution and Behaviour, Bioethics, Animal Physiology and Behaviour and Biological Challenges in the Tropics. These modules and more have enabled me to explore the different disciplines within the biological sciences. In addition, I have learnt to work in a team as well as managing my own projects. One of the most valuable skills I have learnt is to properly research and read scientific reports as well as producing my own.

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Additional information Apr 2019 – Jun 2020 Public relations - UoN Surf (University of Nottingham Students'​ Union, UK) Managing advertising, social media accounts, merchandise and sponsorships for the society as well as organising events and trips. Jun 2017 – Jul 2017 Natural English Project (Madrid, Spain) - Teacher Supervising and teaching primary aged children in English. Creative play and sports monitor. Jan 2017 – May 2017 Private Tutor - Self-employed Teaching Geography (IGCSE + A-Level). Jun 2016 – Jul 2016 Natural English Project (Madrid, Spain) - Teacher Supervising and teaching primary aged children in English. Creative play and sports monitor. Jun 2015 – Aug 2015 Hipica Prado Luis (Madrid, Spain) - Summer Camp Counselor Teaching children from the ages of 6-12 in English. Teaching and supervising horse riding lessons.