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Junior SQL Developer

Redbridge, London, United Kingdom (UK)

About Abdifatah and job interest

A hard-working individual with great interpersonal skills. Able to learn new skills quickly with the goal of perfecting it. A technically oriented IT Support Specialist with over 8 years’ experience and the ability to provide technical direction to users in the use of a broad spectrum of operating systems, applications and hardware. Currently studying for an honours degree in Computing (Information Management). The reason for this choice of subject is because of the passion for data and with the hopes of working with databases, namely SQL databases.

Career Status Junior or Entry level
Desired Role Junior SQL Developer
Search status Actively searching
Sector of Interest Information Technology (IT) / Web Development
Job period Part-time/Full-time
Remote job? Yes
Why Should We Hire You?

Passionate about the field of data and databases. Seeking to build a strong career in data and become an expert in databases. Not only am I studying for a degree but I am also working towards certificates, namely MCSE: SQL Database Development. I also wish to expand my skills by learning Business Intelligence and attaining the following certificate: MCSA: SQL 2016 BI Development. After my degree, the plan is to attain a Masters in Data analytics.

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10/2019 - Present

 United Kingdom (UK)

Computing (Information Management)

Bachelor Degree (Undergraduate)

Arden University

My studies with Arden University is going great so far. I am averaging a first and enjoying the computing and professional knowledge I am picking up from the course which will no doubt help me with my professional career. The course covers computing essentials such as networking, web design, information systems however it is a specialised route in information management therefore it covers databases more such as advanced database concepts and data warehousing as well as data mining.

Professional Experience


06/2018 - Present

IT Technician
 United Kingdom (UK)

Information Technology (IT) / Web Development


Provided specialist ICT support which included the preparation and maintenance of IT resources plus support to staff and pupils. Examples of maintenance would be managing the signing system, printers, swapping out the backup etc.

Quantified Achievements
  • Provided training and inductions to new Staff members on the school’s IT equipment and network
  • Any new staff would be given an induction; Training would be given during whole staff meeting; Training would be given to year groups when new technology is implemented such as clever touches and VLEs
  • Managed the inventory of IT equipment, the budget for the IT department
  • Budget of £40,000 mainly used for licenses and toners; Replaced legacy hardware with any remaining money; Created and managed using spreadsheets and a database.


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