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Human Resources, Psychology, Coaching

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About Veronika and job interest

I am a fresh Psychology graduate interested in applying psychology to a workplace (team development, effective communication, engagement, employee assessment). I grew up with three brothers and let me just tell you ... it made me strong. My passion for travelling and Erasmus studies in Spain formed me as a young adult with huge potential. I am a cheerful person with a friendly personality who cares about people around me and I always do my best to create a good working atmosphere. Spain is a place where I think my heart belongs and where I would be the happiest. However, any opportunity to do an internship abroad is a gift that I will greatly appreciate and I strongly believe a future employer will do, too.

Career Status Junior or Entry level
Desired Role Human Resources, Psychology, Coaching
Search status Actively searching
Sector of Interest HR & Recruitment, Training & Development
Job period Part-time/Full-time
Remote job? No
Why Should We Hire You?

As a fresh graduate, I cannot offer years of experience and related hard skills, However, I am very confident that I can add value to a company due to a nicely developed set of soft skills and work-related skills (check the section Skills & Hobbies). My previous and current employers have expressed a lot of appreciation and recognition due to my devoted and consistent hard work, sense of responsibility and a big desire to learn new skills. My team colleagues know they can count on me in any situation. As a passionate soccer player, I am competitive and with the support of my (working) team, I strive to go far beyond meeting just the regular expectations. I am young and flexible thanks to which I learn the work-related hard skills quickly and effectively. This is an advantage for an employer - they can “form” me in a way they want or need.


09/2015 - 06/2020


Social and Work Psychology

Master's Degree

Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia

My studies included various fields of Psychology: Developmental Psychology Psychology of Personality Organizational Psychology Career Consulting Human Resources / Recuriting Psychology of Marketing Psychology of a Work Place Conflict and their solution Social Psychology Therapy / Consulting Educational Psychology

Professional Experience


12/2019 - Present

Financial and HR intern



Accounting intern - Accounts payables HR intern for 2 months - Administration support, Interviews with candidates

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English (Default)
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